Scientific Journal of the BirdLife Hungary

A Magyar Madártani és Természetvédelmi Egyesület tudományos folyóirata

Ornis Hungarica. vol.15-16. (2008) p.63-70.

Research on bird migration and environmental education in the Bódva-valley
Farkas Roland

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The Bódva-valley Bird Migration Research and Nature Conservation Camp started to work in 1986. The camp can be found in the Aggtelek National Park, in the Bódva-valley, near Szalonna. This valley is one of the most important ecological corridors in North Hungary. The main purpose of the camp is a long-term ornithological monitoring program. During the project we ringed and measured the biometrical data of closely 65000 birds. Species of forests, forest-edges and shrubs are the most abundant ones in the research area. Many rare species of the country migrate over this area thanks to the geographical situation and the richness of habitats. Some birds ringed in the camp were recaptured in the central part of the Mediterranean maritime district. The other important activity of the camp is environmental education and nature conservation interpretation. We give open-air alternative biology lessons for more than one thousand children from the kindergartens, primary and secondary schools of the region in every year. This is one of the most important open-air environmental education center in the region. This article gives a short overview on the work and experience of the 19 years old camp.