Scientific Journal of the BirdLife Hungary

A Magyar Madártani és Természetvédelmi Egyesület tudományos folyóirata

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11 R. D. Gregory, D. Noble, R. Field, J. Marchant, M. Raven, and D. W. Gibbons: Using birds as indicators of biodiversity
25 J. R. Sauer: Developing a general conceptual framework for avian conservation science
33 C. Stoate, M. Ara -Bújo and R.Borralho:: Conservation of European farmland birds: abundance and species diversity
41 A. Aunins and J. Priednieks: Bird population changes in Latvian farmland, 1995- 2000: responses to different scenarios of rural development
51 T. Wesolowski: Bird community dynamics in a primaeval forest - is interspecific competition important?
63 M. Husby: Point count census using volunteers of terrestrial breeding birds in Norway, and its status after six years
75 M. Kershaw and P. A. Cranswick: Deriving population estimates for wintering wildfowl in Great Britain
89 V. Stanevicius:: Monitoring of breeding water birds in Lithuania: organisation and sampling designs
95 S. Svazas, L. Balciauskas and L. Raudonikis: Lithuanian wetlands database: the tool for bird monitoring and conservation in Lithuanian wetlands
105 T. M. Brereton, C. Weir, M. Hobbs and A. D. Williams: A low-cost, year-round seabird monitoring programme in the English channel & Bay of Biscay: preliminary results 1995-2001
115 M. J. Hobbs , T. Brereton, C. Weir and A. Williams: Baseline Monitoring data on Procellariformes (Shearwaters) in the Bay of Biscay
129 N. Schaffer and U. Mammen: International corncrake monitoring
135 O. V. Sukhanova and A. L. Mischenko: Monitoring Corncrake Crex crex numbers in European Russia: the first stage
143 W. Wettstein and T. Szep: Status of the Corncrake Crex crex as an indicator of biodiversity in eastern Hungary
151 O. Keiss: Recent increases in numbers and the future of Corncrake Crex crex in Latvia
157 A. Bea, R. Beitia and J. M. Fernández: The census and distribution of wintering woodpigeons columba palumbus in the Iberian peninsula
169 T. Szép, Z. Szabó D and J. Vallner: Integrated population monitoring of sand martin riparia riparia - an opportunity to monitor the effects of environmental disasters along the river Tisza
183 H. Oelke: Swallow censuses in Northwest Germany (1986,1991 and 1996)
191 J.Krogulec and J.Kloskowski: Monitoring Aquatic Warbler Acrocephalus paludicola in Poland
199 J. A. Robinson and P. A. Cranswick: Large-scale monitoring of the effects of human disturbance on waterbirds: a review and recommendations for survey design
209 M. J. Steinkamp, B. G. Peterjohn, and J.L. Keisman: Incorporating precision, accuracy and alternative sampling designs into a continental monitoring program for colonial waterbirds
217 J.R. Sauer and W. A. Link: Hierarchical models and the analysis of bird survey information
223 P. Tryjanowski, M. Hromada, M. Antczak, J. Grzybek, S. Kuzniak and G. Lorek: Which method is most suitable for censusing breeding populations of red-backed (lanius collurio) and great grey (l. Excubitor) shrikes?
229 I. Vilka: On the importance of nestbox age in monitoring populations of small hole-nesting birds
239 J-M. Boutin, D. R. and C. Eraud: Bird Monitoring in France: The ACT Survey
243 G. Aubrecht: Ornithological databases for science and conservation - management and project oriented studies
245 D. Callaghan: Pan-European monitoring of Important Bird Areas
249 A. Kalvans and O. Keias: The Breeding Bird Atlas of Jelgava district, Latvia
253 H.G. Bauer, W. Fiedler and H. Stark: Four decades of waterfowl counts at prealpine Lake Constance
257 M. Vavoík: 15 years of monitoring of 'large' gull species in central and northern Moravia, Czech Republic
263 A. Pellinger: Waterbird-monitoring in the reconstruction habitats in the Lake FertQ, North-west Hungary
267 U. Mammen: No Chance for an European Monitoring of Raptors and Owls?
271 I. Kitowski and E. Wojtak: Distribution of Little Owl Athene noctua and Barn Owl Tyto alba in the Zamosé Region (SE Poland) in the light of atlas studies
275 A. Golawski, Z. Kasprzykowski and M. Kowalski: The occurrence of the Barn Owl Tyto alba in sacred buildings in central-eastern Poland
279 I. Kitowski and G. Grzywaczewski: The monitoring of Little Owl Athene noctua in CheBm (SE Poland) in 1998-2000
283 B. Houdková and P. Musil: Trends in numbers of the Coot (Fulica atra) in the Czech Republic in 1988-2000
289 S. Y. Dalakchieva: Changes in the number of the breeding population of kentish plover charadriius alexandrinus at Atanasovsko lake
293 Y. Ferrand, F. Gossmann and C. Bastat: Breeding woodcock (Scolopax rusticola) monitoring in France
297 C. Stoate, R. Borralho and M. Araújo: Abundance of Four Lark Species in Relation to Portuguese Farming Systems
303 A. Surmacki: Use of playback in estimating number of Bearded Tit (Panurus biarmicus) in non-breeding season

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