Scientific Journal of the BirdLife Hungary

A Magyar Madártani és Természetvédelmi Egyesület tudományos folyóirata

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1 Jerome A. Jackson & Bette J. S. Jackson: Dynamics of Woodpecker – Common Starling interactions: a comparison of Old World and New World species and populations
42 José María Fernández-García: The Middle-spotted Woodpecker Leiopicus medius in the Basque Country, Northern Spain: review of current ecological status
55 Lacey Williamson, Victoria Garcia & Jeffrey R. Walters: Life history trait differences in isolated populations of the endangered Red-cockaded Woodpecker
69 Junior A. Tremblay, Jacques Ibarzabal, Marie-Christine Saulnier & Scott Wilson: Parental care by Black-backed Woodpeckers in burned and unburned habitats of eastern Canada
81 Gábor Ónodi & Dániel Winkler: Nest site characteristics of the Great-spotted Woodpecker in a bottomland riparian forest in the presence of invasive tree species
96 Jenő (Eugen) Kessler: Picidae in the European fossil, subfossil and recent bird faunas and their osteological characteristics
115 Katalin Krenhardt, Gábor Markó, Eszter Szász, Mónika Jablonszky, Sándor Zsebők, János Török & László Zsolt Garamszegi: A test on within-individual changes in risk-taking behaviour due to experience to predation in the Collared Flycatcher (Ficedula albicollis)
128 Csaba Pigniczki, Jelena Kralj, Stefano Volponi, Antun Žuljević, Mohamed-Ali Dakhli, Tibor Mi­kuska, Hichem Azafzaf & Zsolt Végvári : Migration routes and stopover sites of the Eurasian Spoonbill (Platalea leucorodia) between the Carpathian Basin and wintering areas
150 László Bozó, Wieland Heim, Andrea Harnos & Tibor Csörgő: Can we explain vagrancy in Europe with the autumn migration phenology of Siberian warbler species in East Russia?
172 Andrea Harnos, Tibor Csörgő & Péter Fehérvári: Hitchhikers’ guide to analysing bird ringing data Part 2: distributions, summary statistics and outliers - Appendix  -   Appendix

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